“For me, the goal for training is always to improve on the previous workout… All with the aim of improving my physique. I still believe there is more I can improve, develop, grow, reshape… I have not reached my peak yet so I’m working to go forward not just keep what I have. 
So when I say I want to improve on my previous workout I don’t just mean increasing weights; while this would be a dream it’s not a reality after 25 years! Instead improvement comes in many forms; an extra rep or two on a set, stricter form on the last few reps, a more controlled movement, better mind muscle connection, less rest needed between sets, an entire extra exercise or simply getting to the end of the workout and still having a pump. 
Again while this is the goal, making this happen needs help… A lot is mental but a lot does come down to nutrition, meal timing & supplements. I’ve been around a long time and tried a lot of supplements and one product that’s had the most noticeable and immediate impact on improved workouts are the Recov Bipeptides from No Days Off. I felt these from the first day I used them. I first tried them at the start of my off season and here I did get a definite increase in strength. I had 20-30% increases in the top weights I could use on key exercises like DB chest press, shoulder press and bicep curls. This came after taking only 4 tablets about 2 hours prior to training. With those strength increase came noticeable size gains across my upper body and an amazing fullness.
I did experiment with dosage & timing of the Recov Bipeptides but I have found the 4 tablets before training is optimal for me. 
I took a break off them as I always like to cycle around supplements or even types of proteins & foods I eat.  I don’t like to get reliant on any ergogenic aid and I like variety in my diet and nutrient intake. 
So now getting close to my next show, at 6 weeks out, energy was definitely starting to fade during workouts, and achieving the goal of having improved workouts was not happening!
Time to get back on the Recov Bipeptides! BAMM! Immediate difference. Those 4 little tablets taken in the morning before my workouts… From the very first day improved stamina, gave me back some reps, muscle fullness, the feeling of being recovered between sets, good connection with the muscle and not the feeling the tendon is doing the work rather than the muscle. I feel great in fact, considering the stage of my contest prep. I really wasn’t expecting such a difference from going back to using this product and once again I’ve been impressed beyond expectations with the impact it has. I look full for my leanness and will decide closer to the show weather to cut off them or not. The Recov Bipeptides are a great training tool and don’t require any alterations to my nutrition plan which always includes International Protein ISO Cuts, Amino Recovery, Extreme Carbs & Protein Synergy 5″
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