Our 105+kg Weightlifter talks about his experience at the European Championships in 2015 where he achieved a personal best and placed fourth overall. The European Championships is a tested weightlifting competition held every year and is organised by the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF). There is about 38 countries in Europe that are invited to participate and has been held since 1896.
Due to English being Almir’s third language and aligning with our companies values, we have kept his blog as unedited as possible.

Almir Velagic Takes on the Europeans Championships 2015

“While I was warming up for my snatch, I was feeling really good which is why my first lift was 185kg. On my second lift I had 190kg which was my best lift at the weight that I had ever done both in training and in competitions. I was feeling really good at this stage and therefore on my third lift, I lifted one kilo more than my absolutely best of 192kg (making my third lift 193kg and hitting a personal best). That third lift came to the surprise of my team and myself and this lift placed me fourth in the snatch competition

The person who placed first snatched 202kg, the person who placed second snatched 201kg and the person who placed third snatched 200kg. The person who placed third at the this European Championships only lifted 1kg less than the person who placed third at the World Championships 2014 Almaty. The World championships generates a higher calibre of weightlifters.

Full of motivation I started warming up for the clean and jerk and I was feeling powerful. My last warm up attempt was 220kg and I started my competition weight at 225kg. I decided to add 7kg more on my second lift, however I missed the attempt at 232kg. We decided to move the weight to 233kg on my third attempt which also meant no one lifted before me. Normally you have 30 seconds to lift the move but I was only given 20 seconds and I was still in the warm up room. So I had to run to the main stage and didn’t even have time to chalk my hands. Even though I had more power in my pull, the bar slipped out of my hand because I had no chalk.

Overall, even with no medal and I placed fourth, I was happy with my competition and hitting a personal best on my snatch. I was also not far off placing first or second in the clean and jerk.
I know and feel that I have more power and I am sure I will hit a personal best in clean and jerk at the World Championships 2015″.

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