My name is Dennis Kohlruss, I am 28 years old 194cm tall and my body-weight is around 165 kilos. I am born and raised in Germany, the name of my hometown is Rastatt. I am a professional strongman. in this little blog, I will tell you a little bit about my carrier, my you tube channel and my gym.

First it’s a pleasure for me to being a part of the NDO Team, for me its very imported to be around real athletes who do competitions and try to bring the best out of themselves in every situation in their life. Sorry my friends for my bad English, I only have my 4 years’ school English 🙂

Let’s talk about my carrier, I started strongman in 2012, I had my first national competition in Germany and got 6th place so I licked blood and became better and better BUT always with a plan in my head, grow slow but steady, listen to your body and don’t push it too far to fast! I did no power-lifting or other strength sports before, only a little bit (disco pumping) that’s a synonym in Germany for people who go to the gym without a plan or direction. building muscles for disco =). I was always interested in strength, even in my childhood. all my childhood Eros were strong guys, for example Popeye! one day an older man came to me at the gym and asked me “hey you want to try to do some squats and dead-lift?” I said yes and my first steps into a stronger future started, I struggled with a 70 kilo back squat and today I front squat 270 kilos. my advice to you guys! hard work beats everything! even talent! I became stronger and stronger in that average disco pumping gym and got kicked out because you can’t do heavy dead-lift cause the poor floor. believe me, gyms in Germany are horrible. so, I opened Ragnar with a couple of friends.

Now I am a pro-strongman I competed in giant live competition in Iceland and Sweden and always chase my plan to grow slow and steady, strength don’t come to you over night. real strength needs time, you can’t push it. I have many national record and titles now. German truck pull champion, Log lift champion, giant dumbbell champion. overhead strength is my biggest love in strongman.

My goals are to compete at the WSM and Arnold classic, I will work very hard for that and I must defend my title IHGF world stones of strength champion title held in Norway effort hotel. 

My YouTube channel is named RAGNAROK GYM. It’s a YouTube channel which contains no bullshit, it’s all about sport, technique, strength and competition of myself and close friends. the channel presents my gym, my gym is a fucked-up basement, I rent it out because you can’t train like a strongman in an average gym in Germany. I travel through whole Germany to buy all my equipment, you will see all the stuff in my video couple giant dumbbells, stones, logs, axle and many more stuff. it’s not an official gym, it’s more like an underground gym. I hope you will enjoy the clips on my channel 😉

I hope you like my first words on my first blog.

stay strong 
Dennis Kohlruss

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