Mother, University research assistant and tutor, PhD student and Crossfit athlete.
I often get asked how I manage to “do it all” so I thought I would provide a little insight into how and why I do what I do, and really it all boils down to four key things.
1. Goals
From as young as I can remember, I have always been one to dream big and my one dream right from when I was a little girl was to one day be a “world champion”. I wasn’t quite sure what that would be in at the time, but I dreamt I would one day be the world’s best in whatever sport I was in. Since then, I have set myself goals in all of my athletic endeavours which at first, are usually seemingly beyond my reach. But it’s that very unattainableness that excites me and motivates me to always do my best and drives me to achieve more than before.
I have a list a thousand pages long, but my main goal for 2015 was to qualify for the Reebok Crossfit Games Regional competition (after placing 229th in 2014). For those who don’t do Crossfit, the Games are the pinnacle of the sport. The athletes who qualify to compete at the Games are the best in the World and the Regionals competition is where those top athletes are decided. Every year until 2015, 48 athletes qualified for Regionals. This year they changed those numbers and just 30 from Australia/New Zealand qualified for Regionals and I placed 43rd. A big letdown, but more on that later. So now, I have set a new goal for myself to not only qualify next year but to do so by placing within the top 10 in the region. Massive goal – but one that I’m determined, motivated and dedicated to achieve.
2. Dedication
This motivation I have to reach those aforementioned goals is what drives my dedication and continual effort day after day. As much as I’d love to be, I’m not lucky enough (?) to be one of the Rich Froning’s of Crossfit who are able to spend all day everyday working out and focusing solely on becoming the best athlete I can be. First and foremost, I’m a single mum. I’m also an employee at a large University where I work in research and teach into some undergraduate courses in exercise science. I’m also a student, on my way to completing my PhD researching adolescent activity behaviours.  So I try to spend my time wisely and focus on the task I’m working on at any given moment. When it’s time to work, time to study, time to train or time to be a mum I try my best to avoid distraction, focus and dedicate myself to doing exactly that. I have found that scheduling everything in and knowing what I need to get done each day has helped me to achieve this dedication and commitment to all of my priorities.
3. Realism
I admit that I have a lot of trouble dealing with “failure” and those that are close to me saw this first hand when I missed out on achieving my 2015 goal of qualifying for a Regional’s spot by such a small margin. After the initial let down, frustration and upset I did however, take a step back and am trying to remain realistic about what I can achieve given all the things I dedicate my life to. And hey, 43rd is a big jump from 229th the previous year and one that I am very proud of myself for (I’m just going to spend a lot more time rowing this year than last). It’s not always easy trying to keep up with everything, and for me that has shown in my lack of a social life and far less work (lower income) than would be ideal. Some things have to give. But in saying that, I have incredible parents who have been able to help me out in order for me to work so hard at achieving my goals which leads to number four.
4. Support network
My parents are such a massive support for me and have helped me through some rough times as well as been there to celebrate all the good times in my life. They have always supported me through all my athletic endeavours, they help me so selflessly with my beautiful son, have given me a roof over my head, and have helped me out of financial debt when necessary and without them I wouldn’t be able to work just part time and focus on my study and training as much as I do. Even though I don’t show them enough, I will be forever grateful.
I have an amazing best friend who has been there for me and supported me emotionally through so many milestones (both good and bad), who listens to me, has my back through whatever I choose to devote my time to and who also is possibly the only person who can talk sense into me when needed. He’s my rock.
I have awesome, knowledgeable and devoted coaches at Crossfit Box Hill. I have learnt everything I know about Crossfit from them and their continual support and dedication to helping me become the best athlete I can be is another major factor in why I am involved in this sport. They spend countless hours researching, trying and testing out methods of training that can help me in my training. For that, to give back to them, I want to achieve even more.
I also have some amazing support in my sponsors, Odin Sports (Crossfit Apparel) and No Days Off Supplements. Since trying out Recov Bipeptides, it has been my sole supplement and I couldn’t rate it highly enough. I have found a new level of energy I never thought possible, quicker than ever recovery times from heavy load training as well as better quality sleep and nice strong nails and hair (ladies!). An amazing product, and the reason I am lucky enough to be writing this post today.
So in short, how do I “do it all”?
A combination of a lot of hard work, a desire to succeed and some beautiful people.  
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