9 Days Post Surgery

At the moment I’m recovering exceptionally well. I’m living of prepared meals of basically protein, veggies & rice + 9 Recov Tablets spread out throughout the day. 

Last week I did isolation work at the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Thursday I tackled the 1000 steps with my team mate Lee – struggled a little with the heart rate as it hasn’t gone that high since hospital… but I completed it & didn’t pull up sore! 
On Saturday I competed intervals on the death bike (AirDyne) & my stomach & body felt strong. 

Today I went to Hammerhouse Gym with my coach Kyle & his bestie (bodybuilder) Adam. 
We had a nice long bro sesh & I managed to knock out 75kg for 3 on the bench press without any pain, along with a lot of isolation upper body work & large sets of leg work. 

I’m feeling great! I think a mix of moving & being smart about what I do as well as the Recov is really helping me heal & I’m hoping I might be able to join in to week 4 of this comp I’m missing out on (That gives me another 2 working weeks to heal & get stronger). 

Watch this space… 🙂

Introducing Dennis Kohlruss Strongman

Introducing Dennis Kohlruss Strongman

My name is Dennis Kohlruss, I am 28 years old 194cm tall and my body-weight is around 165 kilos. I am born and raised in Germany, the name of my hometown is Rastatt. I am a professional strongman. in this little blog, I will tell you a little bit about my carrier, my you tube channel and my gym.

First it’s a pleasure for me to being a part of the NDO Team, for me its very imported to be around real athletes who do competitions and try to bring the best out of themselves in every situation in their life. Sorry my friends for my bad English, I only have my 4 years’ school English 🙂

Let’s talk about my carrier, I started strongman in 2012, I had my first national competition in Germany and got 6th place so I licked blood and became better and better BUT always with a plan in my head, grow slow but steady, listen to your body and don’t push it too far to fast! I did no power-lifting or other strength sports before, only a little bit (disco pumping) that’s a synonym in Germany for people who go to the gym without a plan or direction. building muscles for disco =). I was always interested in strength, even in my childhood. all my childhood Eros were strong guys, for example Popeye! one day an older man came to me at the gym and asked me “hey you want to try to do some squats and dead-lift?” I said yes and my first steps into a stronger future started, I struggled with a 70 kilo back squat and today I front squat 270 kilos. my advice to you guys! hard work beats everything! even talent! I became stronger and stronger in that average disco pumping gym and got kicked out because you can’t do heavy dead-lift cause the poor floor. believe me, gyms in Germany are horrible. so, I opened Ragnar with a couple of friends.

Now I am a pro-strongman I competed in giant live competition in Iceland and Sweden and always chase my plan to grow slow and steady, strength don’t come to you over night. real strength needs time, you can’t push it. I have many national record and titles now. German truck pull champion, Log lift champion, giant dumbbell champion. overhead strength is my biggest love in strongman.

My goals are to compete at the WSM and Arnold classic, I will work very hard for that and I must defend my title IHGF world stones of strength champion title held in Norway effort hotel. 

My YouTube channel is named RAGNAROK GYM. It’s a YouTube channel which contains no bullshit, it’s all about sport, technique, strength and competition of myself and close friends. the channel presents my gym, my gym is a fucked-up basement, I rent it out because you can’t train like a strongman in an average gym in Germany. I travel through whole Germany to buy all my equipment, you will see all the stuff in my video couple giant dumbbells, stones, logs, axle and many more stuff. it’s not an official gym, it’s more like an underground gym. I hope you will enjoy the clips on my channel 😉

I hope you like my first words on my first blog.

stay strong 
Dennis Kohlruss

Kate Parker – How Do I Manage To Do It All?

Kate Parker – How Do I Manage To Do It All?

Mother, University research assistant and tutor, PhD student and Crossfit athlete.
I often get asked how I manage to “do it all” so I thought I would provide a little insight into how and why I do what I do, and really it all boils down to four key things.
1. Goals
From as young as I can remember, I have always been one to dream big and my one dream right from when I was a little girl was to one day be a “world champion”. I wasn’t quite sure what that would be in at the time, but I dreamt I would one day be the world’s best in whatever sport I was in. Since then, I have set myself goals in all of my athletic endeavours which at first, are usually seemingly beyond my reach. But it’s that very unattainableness that excites me and motivates me to always do my best and drives me to achieve more than before.
I have a list a thousand pages long, but my main goal for 2015 was to qualify for the Reebok Crossfit Games Regional competition (after placing 229th in 2014). For those who don’t do Crossfit, the Games are the pinnacle of the sport. The athletes who qualify to compete at the Games are the best in the World and the Regionals competition is where those top athletes are decided. Every year until 2015, 48 athletes qualified for Regionals. This year they changed those numbers and just 30 from Australia/New Zealand qualified for Regionals and I placed 43rd. A big letdown, but more on that later. So now, I have set a new goal for myself to not only qualify next year but to do so by placing within the top 10 in the region. Massive goal – but one that I’m determined, motivated and dedicated to achieve.
2. Dedication
This motivation I have to reach those aforementioned goals is what drives my dedication and continual effort day after day. As much as I’d love to be, I’m not lucky enough (?) to be one of the Rich Froning’s of Crossfit who are able to spend all day everyday working out and focusing solely on becoming the best athlete I can be. First and foremost, I’m a single mum. I’m also an employee at a large University where I work in research and teach into some undergraduate courses in exercise science. I’m also a student, on my way to completing my PhD researching adolescent activity behaviours.  So I try to spend my time wisely and focus on the task I’m working on at any given moment. When it’s time to work, time to study, time to train or time to be a mum I try my best to avoid distraction, focus and dedicate myself to doing exactly that. I have found that scheduling everything in and knowing what I need to get done each day has helped me to achieve this dedication and commitment to all of my priorities.
3. Realism
I admit that I have a lot of trouble dealing with “failure” and those that are close to me saw this first hand when I missed out on achieving my 2015 goal of qualifying for a Regional’s spot by such a small margin. After the initial let down, frustration and upset I did however, take a step back and am trying to remain realistic about what I can achieve given all the things I dedicate my life to. And hey, 43rd is a big jump from 229th the previous year and one that I am very proud of myself for (I’m just going to spend a lot more time rowing this year than last). It’s not always easy trying to keep up with everything, and for me that has shown in my lack of a social life and far less work (lower income) than would be ideal. Some things have to give. But in saying that, I have incredible parents who have been able to help me out in order for me to work so hard at achieving my goals which leads to number four.
4. Support network
My parents are such a massive support for me and have helped me through some rough times as well as been there to celebrate all the good times in my life. They have always supported me through all my athletic endeavours, they help me so selflessly with my beautiful son, have given me a roof over my head, and have helped me out of financial debt when necessary and without them I wouldn’t be able to work just part time and focus on my study and training as much as I do. Even though I don’t show them enough, I will be forever grateful.
I have an amazing best friend who has been there for me and supported me emotionally through so many milestones (both good and bad), who listens to me, has my back through whatever I choose to devote my time to and who also is possibly the only person who can talk sense into me when needed. He’s my rock.
I have awesome, knowledgeable and devoted coaches at Crossfit Box Hill. I have learnt everything I know about Crossfit from them and their continual support and dedication to helping me become the best athlete I can be is another major factor in why I am involved in this sport. They spend countless hours researching, trying and testing out methods of training that can help me in my training. For that, to give back to them, I want to achieve even more.
I also have some amazing support in my sponsors, Odin Sports (Crossfit Apparel) and No Days Off Supplements. Since trying out Recov Bipeptides, it has been my sole supplement and I couldn’t rate it highly enough. I have found a new level of energy I never thought possible, quicker than ever recovery times from heavy load training as well as better quality sleep and nice strong nails and hair (ladies!). An amazing product, and the reason I am lucky enough to be writing this post today.
So in short, how do I “do it all”?
A combination of a lot of hard work, a desire to succeed and some beautiful people.  
Nathan Baxter 2015 IPF World Bench Press Championships

Nathan Baxter 2015 IPF World Bench Press Championships

The following is the transcript of a text conversation I had in the warm up room at the 2015 IPF World Bench Press Championships. Sometimes the hardest thing is just waiting to lift. By this stage I had weighed in and was sitting around until the 120kg class finished their session. The warm up room was a one minute walk from the on deck area but the energy in the room was still electric. Training to stay calm and not burn up all my energy with nerves was hard to do so I welcomed the message from back home. I was talking to Rob Murrell, an Australian 120kg powerlifter and owner of Barbarian Strength and Conditioning in Rockingham, WA. In this contest prep I had done all my heaviest sessions in his gym.
Rob Murrell
Time to go to work bud. This is your bread and butter.

Rob Murrell
Warm ups soon?

Nathan Baxter
When the 120s are done.

Rob Murrell

Sweet. Feeling good buddy.

Nathan Baxter
Nerves are the worst waiting like this. Warm ups will help. Get the shirt on and feel even better. Nail 340 and I’ll feel great.
340kg was my planned opening attempt that I submitted an hour earlier at weigh in.

Rob Murrell
340 is the perfect opener. I’ve seen you do it plenty of times before. You know you can nail it. Use those nerves, they will help you. You got this mate. This is what you do.

Nathan Baxter
Yeah man I got this. Step by step. Tick all the boxes. 340 is just another step along the path.

Rob Murrell
That’s it mate. Tick the boxes, check them of the list. It’s just a procedure, you have done it plenty of times before. You know what to do.

Rob Murrell
Time to do your thing champ. Bring it home strong buddy.
Nathan Baxter
In the warm up room now. Staked out my bench with Jona and Ryan. Vibe is strong. Liking the energy.
Jona Leo, 2013 World Bench Press Champion and Ryan Carrillo, 2013 World Junior Bench Press Champion are my Team Titan team mates who I often travel with. Being the sole Aussie at the championships every year isn’t easy so I have formed strong bonds with both of these USA lifters. The importance of having a good team around a lifter can’t be overstated. Team USA and Team Great Britain have always looked after me well and this day was no different.
Rob Murrell
Excellent. First box on the list ticked.

Nathan Baxter
I’m going with no socks and shoes untied just like in the gym.
Back in Perth I rarely wear shoes during the day and when it comes time to train I simply slip on my Olympic lifting shoes with laces untied and go to work. I began to ask myself “Why should today be any different?” The challenge I always find is to calm my nerves to make comp day just like training at home, so no socks and laces undone it was. Took 5 Recov Bipeptides.
Rob Murrell
I love it. Just like home.

Nathan Baxter
70kg done. So good to have a barbell in my hands!

My last heavy session was eight days ago and then I did two light sessions during the week. Not lifting heavy is hard and the morning before lifting seemed to drag on so to finally start warming up felt great. On the bench, doing what I know how to do best was the best way to calm to pre competition jitters
Rob Murrell
Nice. Same as the gym mate. Lightweight buddy.

Nathan Baxter
Openers are posted. Opening equal 5th.

Rob Murrell
Great. Nail it and tick that off the list.

Nathan Baxter
120×3 feeling the energy now.

Rob Murrell
Easy mate. Just keep going through the list. You know what you are doing. Enjoy the energy, let it fuel you.

Nathan Baxter
150×3 tick. Wrist wraps on next.

Rob Murrell
Yeah nice. I’ve got the feed up ready to rock, scoresheet looks great. I can almost feel the energy myself.

The meet was being broadcast live over the internet.
Nathan Baxter
180 done. Feeling good. Raw warm ups never feel that great but these do. Slowing down and giving you these updates is helping.
It really was! One of the best things for any athlete is to stay in the moment. Unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest things to do. Having good Wi-Fi connection and something to do between warm up attempts helped slow me down and not get caught up in the excitement of the day.
Rob Murrell
Good buddy. You have worked hard for this. It should feel great. Phone is in my hands. Whatever you need bud I’m here.

Nathan Baxter

Shirts on.

Rob Murrell
Time to go to work. You know what to do. You’ve done this before.
Took 5 Recov Bipeptides washed down with some Coke. I know Coke isn’t the best but at times like this I like the sugar and instant energy.
Nathan Baxter
315×1 to 2b so damn fast.
So this means I took 315kg as a partial rep. I use this weight as a way to set myself and get the equipment all dialled in. Quite often it doesn’t feel too good but today it felt awesome.
Rob Murrell
It’s going to fly off your chest. It will be fast. Lock out strong.

Rob Murrell
You know what you’re doing. You
’ve done this before.

Nathan Baxter
330 to 1 board done. I’m ready.
Took 5 more Recov Bipeptides and headed down to the on deck area. Start of warm up to now was about 50 minutes. Everything felt great and I knew I was in for a big day out. Energy was good, no aches, no pain just the feeling of being completely ready.
Rob Murrell
Yeah buddy it’s time to do your thing. Have fun.

Rob Murrell
Take your time and set yourself. You have done this before.

Rob Murrell
Yeah buddy. Nailed it!

Rob Murrell
Proud of you bud. Nailed that PR and a new Oceania record!!!!
Competition complete. Nailed a 340kg bench press on my second attempt and then went for 352.5kg attempting to squeeze into the bronze medal position. A small technical error tripped me up so despite getting the weight off my chest and up to lockout I was denied the attempt. Strength wasn’t the issue, just a little sloppy with the form! I don’t mind this as I know I will take this weight next time out and smash it. I was pleased that I was in the battle and gave it my all. 340kg counted as a new Commonwealth, Oceania and Australian record and gave me 6th place (on a count back as two of us had the same lift) which is my best showing at a World Championship.
All in all a pretty good day out. Now it’s time to start preparing for World’s 2016! With the support of No Days Off I am certain I will be in the best shape of my life.

Day 1 of Recovery Training :)

Day 1 of Recovery Training :)

I woke up this morning in a good mood because #coach_kyle said I’m allowed to train today.

I started work at 5.30am, trained a few clients, went back home… had a recovery nap, trained a few more clients…12 noon was training time!

Kyle hooked me up with a killer isolation training program, it looked brutal on paper & it lived up to its expectation & was brutal in reality. 
The whole session took 1.5 hours & my only rest was 30 seconds between sets. So it was high intensity isolation weight lifting… love it!
I did approximately 217897325 reps adjusting the weight constantly (lots of drop sets) on the leg extension & leg curl.
Kick backs, dumbbell shoulder press, face pulls, lat pull downs, 45 degree lat pulldowns, incline dumbbell fly’s were also part of the program.

My body is pumped! My muscles are filled out again (I didn’t lose my gains!), I feel lactic like I just did a massive endurance CrossFit workout, my quads & shoulders are back, I’m sweaty, I’m hungry & I’m feeling amazing.
I constantly checked up on my little wounds to make sure they were all nice & clean, I had no belly pain & no nausea. 
I popped 3 Recov Bipeptide tablets before & after the session.

I then met up with two of my CrossFit team mates Jayne & Ryan at our local favourite place for post workout food (Soulpress). We talked strategies for this competition & recovery. I still feel 100% part of my team <3 

Now I’m off for another recovery nana nap before I head back into the gym to punish my night time clients 😛 

Today has been a good day! 

* Below is my other little home for the next 2-4 weeks… for all of the gains! 

Just my luck

Just my luck

For the past year, I’ve been training anywhere from 2.5 hours – 4 hours 6 days a week in the CrossFit Comp group at Moorabbin. It has become my whole world really. I’ve ditched the weekend drinks, I’ve ditched late nights & processed foods (unless it’s cheat day 😉 ) & I’ve prioritised my training before ANYTHING. 
I can 100% call myself a very disciplined person.

There’s a small group of us at Moorabbin who have put our lives on hold to give everything we have to becoming the BEST team we can possibly be to make it to Regionals this coming May. 

Every February, the CrossFit Open starts. It runs for 5 weeks & every Friday a new workout gets announced – so it’s all very secret until then. You can’t plan or prepare for it… you just hope your coach has programmed your training right for the past year so that you can complete all the movements and get through the workout.

Once you complete the workout (it needs to be judged by an official judge & sometimes even video recorded if you are trying to make Regionals), you submit your score & you get ranked against your club, your state, your country, your region (for us Aussies it’s Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia) & the world.
The top 30 individual athletes and the top 20 teams (3 men, 3 women + 2 reserves) in the Region, go to Regionals in Wollongong. 
Our Moorabbin Comp Group have been training our butts off to get a team in this year. 
Everyone has stepped up in every way possible. We are best mates, we are supportive & we manage to have fun even when training breaks us down. 

I am in peak condition at the moment, I’m stronger & fitter than I have ever been in my life – thanks to my coach Kyle Frankenfeld. 

Three weeks ago, I had excruciating pain in my abdominals. It was in the middle of the night that I woke up, unable to lay straight or fall back asleep, I figured it’s either really really bad period pain, i’ve torn my abdominals or I’ve got gastro. It lasted about 48 hours and I pushed through training – then it just disappeared! I went to the doctors & he said just keep an eye on it and come back if it happens again. 
I got through another two weeks of training and the pain came back. I went to the doctors, did some blood & urine tests then went in for an ultrasound where they discovered I had a slight rupture in my appendix & sent me in to have a CT scan. From there they confirmed my appendix was quadruple the size it should be, I had a slight rupture but luckily the fluid was contained!
From there I went straight to emergency & spent the next 4 days in hospital which was the worst 4 days in my life so far!

I was admitted on Thursday & the CrossFit Open started on Friday… are you f*cking kidding me!??? If anyone has some sort of magical remedy for bad luck… please share it with me… this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. 

My surgery kept getting cancelled and pushed back as my pain threshold is high & I didn’t complain of pain like everyone else was. 
Every hour that went by I was thinking… my trainings gone to waste, I’m losing too much weight (as I was fasting), I need to move etc etc. It was torture being confined to a small space & not getting any answers.

I run my own business & had to keep cancelling on my clients… I was losing money & losing my mind in there!
Finally after spending 2 nights in hospital, crying every single day not knowing what was happening, on the third morning I went in for surgery. 
I was so relieved something was happening… all I could think was I need this f*cking appendix out so I can recover & get back into training! I don’t want to let my team down.

A simple surgery was a little complicated due to the fact that I have very little body fat. My organs were all squished together & they had a little trouble finding my appendix – It was hiding behind my bowel. A one hour operation turned into a three hour operation & when I finally woke up… I almost had a little break down again because I was so relieved! (Either that or I was just being a big baby).

After surgery I had my family & team mates come visit me, it was great! I FINALLY got to eat! I inhaled the food & asked for more. I think hospitals need to accommodate a little more for athletes – going from eating every 2 hours no nothing was not good for my body. 
I was determined to start moving that day, so I had a little sleep & managed to do some hospital laps with the bf! It felt so good to be not laying down!

The next day I woke up feeling positive… I got up, I put on a bra (that was a big step lol), I brushed my teeth & went to the toilet all by myself, did a few hospital laps, said g’day to the nurses, packed my bags because I WAS GOING HOME NO MATTER WHAT!!!
An hour later I was discharged! Waaaa hooooo! You couldn’t get me out quicker!

I went straight from the hospital to the gym to go cheer on my team mates who were doing the first workout. I felt so good to be home.

Now I’m focussed on getting better ASAP so I can possibly do workout 4 or 5 or both!
So I spoke to Arron from NDO & I’m upping my recov to 9 tablets a day to help this body heal!

It’s been just over 24 hours since surgery, I’m walking around & other than having a tight buddha belly… I’m feeling alright!

I have been told to stay away from CrossFit for roughly 4 weeks (depending on healing time), I’m allowed to do isolation work but no more than 10kg and no engaging my core. – Challenge accepted!

I’m not taking any pain killers because I want to feel how my body is recovering.

Tomorrow I’m starting some old school bodybuilding thanks to my coach Kyle.
Evolve 247 will be hosting me for the next 4 weeks.

I’m hoping this might actually be a blessing and maybe 4 weeks of training differently will make me stronger. That’s my plan anyway. 

Lets see how Recov and alternative training helps appendicitis recovery! 

I’ve attached some photo’s of my swollen belly, excuse the fake tan that the tape has ripped off!